30 Tháng 5 2017
Phần mềm đánh giá ô nhiễm môi trường của hãng Breeze

CIC becomes the monopoly distributor of Breeze in Vietnam

BREEZEprovides the market-leading air dispersion, fire, explosion, and risk assessment modeling software to environmental, hazard and safety professionals in government, industry, consulting, and academia around the world.

CIC and BREEZE signed the Agreement to determine CIC as itsmonopoly distributor in Vietnam

BREEZEwasfounded in 1983, with continuous improvement and development efforts, BREEZE's softwares are now well-known and widely used in 90 countries around the world.

BREEZE's softwares include:

  • AERMOD/ISCis the lastestair dispersionmodeling software. It analyses and reports air dispersion causing air pollution. 
  • ROADS  is a complete air dispersion modeling suiteto predict air quality impacts of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), dustand other inert pollutant concentrations from moving and idling motor vehicles at or alongside roadways and roadway intersections.
  • SCREEN3 Mô hình mô phỏng nhiều nguồn và các chất gây ô nhiễm nhiều trong một SCREEN3 stimulates multiple sourcesand multiple pollutants in a single model run,  worst-case estimates,controls air emissions, plans response and assesses environmental impacts.
  • CALPUFF analyzes and assessesair pollutants emission into the air. It can be applied for a complex terrain.

According to the aggreement, CIC will be comprehensively pro-active in providing genuine solutions, services and copyrighted products as well as ensuring optimal user support. CIC's information has been officially posted on BREEZE’s website

Becoming the monopoly distributorof BREEZE in Vietnam determines CIC’s brand name in the field of software in the environment sector in order to diversify muptiple choice for the users, bringing the most advanced and practical solutions and softwares in the world to domestic enterprises as well as contributing to promote the development of science and technology in the implementation of environmental projects in Vietnam.