ADAPT Floor Pro

ADAPT Floor Pro

Three-dimensional (3D) Finite Element Software for Analysis and Design of Concrete and Post-Tensioned Floor and Foundation Systems. Built on ADAPT's unique TrueStructureTM modeling and analysis technology, this software provides a powerful, yet easy to use tool for the analysis of all types of slab systems. Unlike other 2D diaphragm-based slab design programs, ADAPT-Floor Pro's true 3D FEM analysis provides the most accurate results even for the most complex transfer and waffle slabs. Its Dynamic Rebar Design (DRD)TM module gives structural engineers complete control over the design and placement of mild reinforcement, leading to optimized designs. Extensive import and export capabilities further streamline the design process through to the creation of structural drawings.

ADAPT clients worldwide use ADAPT-Floor Pro and our extensive expert support to be the most productive and deliver the highest quality post-tensioning designs.

New Release with Integrated Vibration Analysis - ADAPT-Builder (Floor Pro) 2010

October, 2010: ADAPT-Builder 2010 release includes ground-breaking vibration analysis capabilities. With this new integrated capability, structural engineers will be able to view and evaluate the vibration response of design models at any stage of the design process. This information will allow them to fine-tune the in-service performance of their projects at an earlier stage than ever possible before, saving time and unnecessary design revisions.

  • Generates a true 3D solid model of an entire floor system
  • Uses Component Technology to assemble an entire floor system using structural components, such as slab regions, walls, columns, drop caps, drop panels, and openings.
  • Models slabs, steps above and below the slab, and beams
  • Place column and wall supports anywhere
  • Apply loads of any configuration, anywhere on the slab with a mouse click New - Automatically or manually model and dynamically edit tendons in plan or elevation view online video ...
  • New - Tendon curvature check against a minimum radius of curvature
  • Supports live load patterning and automatically reduced live loads, where applicable
  • View and examine the solid model to verify the accuracy of the structure's representation
  • Perform a detailed finite element analysis of the entire floor systems and its supporting structure using flat shell and frame elements
  • New - Wood-Armer design option
  • Calculate cracked section deflections and view extent of cracking in slab and beams
  • Specify typical top and bottom reinforcement mesh
  • Easily define support lines - even for complex geometries

    Automatically generates all critical design sections
    Column strip / middle strip option

  • Performs code check and reports the location and amount of reinforcement needed
  • New - Provides instant design feedback by displaying deflections, stresses, average precompression, % of dead load to balance after design in the model
  • Calculates punching shear stresses and performs check
  • Designs punching shear reinforcement (shear stud or open stirrup)
  • Generate both graphical and tabular reports
  • Reinforcement display per load combination, either along support lines or with user-defined orientatio...
  • Edit graphical rebar layout report to optimize rebar layout
  • Export rebar and post-tensioning structural drawings directly into AutoCAD

  • Export rebar design as 3D model objects into Revit Structure
  • Available in 32bit or 64bit version