Casio Handheld Terminal Equipment

Casio Handheld Terminal Equipment

Basic Features: 
Our CIC is providing the Water meter reading solution for the water supply companies in Vietnam by using the Handheld Terminal of Casio (Japan)

Products Index:


1. DT-X8 Series: The DT-X8 series handheld terminal provides exceptional durability, and easy operation by fine key design and highly visible LCD.


Exceptional Toughness
- Excellent Environmental Durability, including a Drop Resistance of 3.0
- Meters Power-Saving Design to Deliver Long Operating Time
Easy Operation
- Key Design for Excellent Operating Performance
- Highly Visible LCD, Even Outdoors
Smart Scanning
- High-Performance Laser Scanner
- Scan Width Control
- Laser Focus Function
- Vibrator Alert Function
- C-MOS Imager for 2D Barcode Reading
- Support for RFID Tags and Contactless Smart Cards*
- Full-Range Scanner with Maximum Reading Depth of 20 Meters*
Wireless Network
- IEEE802.11b/g Wireless LAN
- Equipped with Bluetooth® 2.0
- Wireless Standby and Quick Resume

2. DT-X7 Series: The DT-X7 series provides ergonomic styling yet tough to meet all working environments including in harsh conditions.


The Revolutionary, Easy-to-Use Device from CASIO
- Improved Scanning Performance
- A Natural Fit in the Hand
- Toughness in Harsh Conditions
- Superior Wireless Communication
- Voice-based Guidance
- Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0

3. DT-930 Series: The DT-930 series is designed with development concept "Easy-to-hold, easy-to-operate slim device that withstands harsh working environments" in mind.


Easy-to-hold, easy-to-operate slim device that can withstand harsh working environments
- Built-in high-performance scanner
- Full software and cradle compatibility with DT-900 series
- Large memory
- Robust and durable
- Improved ease of use and visibility
- Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communications
- Long battery life, two-way power supply

4. V-T500 Series: Slim & Stylish design combined with high performance and various features optimised for business use.


Innovative Tablets to Change the Future of Business
Superb operability expands the scope of business activities
- Reinforced design ensures excellent environmental durability
- Casing ergonomics ensure secure handling
- Includes Bluetooth® 4.0 as a standard feature.
- Designed for extended operation
Large 10.1-inch LCD with LED backlight
Worry-free charging environment 
- Theft prevention feature
- WPA2 support and integrated IEEE802.11a/b/g/n module

Advanced functions that support various work styles
Equipped with a SAM slot and an NFC card reader/writer 
Log-in authentication 
Built-in high-accuracy GPS unit
Link to mapping applications for high-level business support 
SD Card and microSD Card Slot
Backup and Cloning 
A full range of expansion features
USB ports
HDMI port

Ease of operation that optimizes the user experience
Dual input by finger touch or digitizer pen
Ordinary operation
Dual mode (for waiting on customers)
Dual mode (for reading documents)

- High-speed CPU for stress-free operation
- Function buttons
- Use of the Android™ 4.0 Platform

5. IT-300 Series: The IT-300 compact communication terminal accelerates communication in multiple business environments. The IT-300 changes the style of workforce communication and co-operation.


Slim Styling and Intuitive Operation
- Combined Multi Finger Action and Alphanumeric Keypad Input.
- Human-Centered Design
- 3.7-Inch LCD with LED Backlight

Toughness in Harsh Conditions
- Environmental Durability including a Drop Resistance 1.5 Meters
- Power-Saving Design to Deliver Longer Operating Hours

A Host of Support Software to Enhance Information Sharing
- Runs Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5
- Supports a Wide Range of Client Software

Excellent Scanning Performance
- High-Performance Laser Scanner
- Scan Width Control
- Laser Focus Function
- Vibrator Alert Function
- Center Trigger Key

Real-Time Operation
- Support for WPA2 Security, Equipped with IEEE802.11b/g
- Equipped with Bluetooth® 2.0
- Wireless Standby and Quick Resume

6. IT-800 Series: The IT-800 series combines toughness and durability in a compact and elegant design to suit a wide variety of business environment.


On-Demand Data Capture and Communication
Casio Original Impact Resistant LCD Display
Contactless Smart Card Reader/Writer
GPS Functionality
Superb Scanning Capability
Maximum Toughness in Harsh Conditions
Human-Centered Design
2.0 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus
Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.5
Versatile Configurations


7. IT-9000 Series: The IT-9000 series is an all-in-one handheld printer terminal which is ideally suited for operations that require printing on the spot.

Functionality, reliability and usability in a single terminal. The IT-9000 handheld printer terminal

- Integrated design that combines high operability and multi-functionality
- High-Speed Thermal Printer 
- Wireless WAN for Outdoor Use*
- Built-In Magnetic Card Reader*
- Built-In 2D Imager*
- Built-In NFC Reader/Writer with SAM Slot
- A Variety of Expansion Features .

- Rugged specifications that support on-site operations
- High-Resolution VGA LCD with Excellent Visibility for Outdoor User
- Keyboard Designed and Built for Comfortable Operation
- 2.0 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus*
- Excellent Environmental Durability
- Human-Centered Design in the Uncompromising Pursuit of Usability
- Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.5

- Reliable security features to meet the needs of the times.
- Remote Security Features*
- Log-In Authentication
- Enhanced Security Features
- EEE802.11b/g Wireless LAN