IDS (Italia)

IDS (Italia)

Basic Features: 
The GeoRadar Division was formed to exploit the company'scoreexpertise in Radar System analysis and design togheter with Applied Electromagnetics to create innovative Radar Systems for: - Civil and structural engineering; - Geology, geophysics and the environment; - Archaeology and cultural heritage; - Public security and law enforcement

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemiis headquartered in Pisa (Italy) with offices in five countries (Italy, UK, Brazil, Canada and Australia) and around 500 employees worldwide with experience and expertise in the most sophisticated technologies. IDS's roots date back to 1980; over the past 30 years the company has evolved and grown without losing its tradition. Today, IDS is a world leading provider of high-tech solutions in selected niche defense and civil market sectors.

A comprehensive set of GPR products for all types of GPR applications:

- Utility detection and mapping;
- Civil engineering;
- Railwayengineering;
- Road engineering;
- Geology, geophysics, geotechnics, and environment;
- Archaeological and cultural heritage;
- Forensic and security.

STREAM family:

The STREAM products represent an innovative solution based on massive radar arrays (up to 48 antennas of 200 MHz and/or 600 MHz frequencies). The STREAM family includes 3 different lines of products:

- The STREAM EM, for extensive utility mapping;

- The STREAM X for archaelogical and environmental survey;

- The STREAM MT Mini-Trenching applications.

RIS family:

The system ranges from RIS ONE, the single-antenna product, to the sophisticated

- RIS MF Hi-Mod multi-frequency array and the specialized solutions for civil engineering (Aladdin and RIS Hi-BrigHT).

- Detector Duo:

The easy-to-use radar tool for immediate detection of utilities, simultaneously displaying on the same screen deep and shallow buried metallic and non-metallic pipes and cables. The Detector reduces the risk of damage associated with trenching and drilling operations.


- Opera Duo: Opera Duo is the first class ground penetrating radar for utility location and mapping from IDS. The solution is available in two versions: a compact and lightweight two wheel version and a four wheel version which is more stable and is adaptable for use on rough terrain.

The main body of Opera Duo houses a dual frequency antenna of 250 and 700 MHz, as well as all of the electronics and the battery, with just the one external cable going to the acquisition PC.

This easy-to-use radar tool immediately locates utilities, simultaneously displaying both deep and shallow buried metallic and non-metallic pipes and cables on the same screen. The product provides easy to interpret real-time results, and locates the exact position of pipes, cables and bedrock. Compact and easy to transport and deploy, the Opera Duo should be the daily tool for contractors, local authorities and utility service providers.