NDT equipment of NDT systems (USA)

NDT equipment of NDT systems (USA)

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For more than 40 years, NDT Systems, Inc. has been a leader in bringing high quality, advanced technology ultrasonic testing products to the non-destructive testing marketplace

For more than 40 years, NDT Systems, Inc. has been a leader in bringing high quality, advanced technology ultrasonic testing products to the non-destructive testing marketplace. These products have included a wide variety of Ultrasonic Thickness Gages, Bond Testers, Portable Flaw Detectors as well as Specialized Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors and Eddy Current coating thickness devices. Along with the variety of testing equipment NDT Systems also offers a complete line of precision ultrasonic transducers (industrial, OEM and medical), for practically any inspection requirement. If one of our standard models won't fit your particular application, contact our special application department and we tailor a custom transducer for your specific needs.

NDT Systems has been a pioneer in the development of truly portable ultrasonic test equipment. Instruments such as the Quantum hand held flaw detector revolutionized the portable equipment market being the first to offer a full capability flaw detector in a 3 pound package.... when all others were 13 pounds and up. Add to this list the BondaScope 2100, the first impedance plane bond tester, The Nova 200, the first high precision digital thickness gage, the NovaScope 2000... the first high speed, on line precision thickness gage. Another significant development in the industry was the PortaScan, portable data imaging system used with ultrasonic, bond testing and eddy current test equipmet

I. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges... for Virtually Any Application!

TG210 General Purpose Thickness Gauge

TG410 High Speed Precision Thickness Gages Featuring High Speed A-Trace Verification:

3.9", 240 x 320 QVGA High Speed, High Contrast Sunlight Viewable LCD Display... But that's just where it starts!Dual Time Base, SplitView, AutoTrack & SplitScan represent another Innovation and another Industry First in Ultrasonic Inspection Productivity.SplitScan offers the user the ability to view a Dynamic and Expanded or Zoomed view of the main inspection time base (See TG410 image to left). The speed of the presentation is in REAL TIME in both time lines. No Slow & Clunky update like virtually all other hand held ultrasonic thickness gages available today. An Industry FirstAutoTrack permits the user to turn on a function where the second time base not only displays a Zoomed or expanded range but, will Automatically Track the echo on which the measurement gate is triggering. Another FirstSplitScan is a feature which displays the A-Trace at the same time a B-Scan is being performed thereby providing the user confirmation of echo or couplant integrity. The user can elect to show the A-Trace on the entire viewable screen, show the B-Scan as an entire view or split and size the screen proportionately from 10 - 90%... Yet Another First!!

The ALL NEW TG100D may well be the simplest thickness gage you may have used. It has no menus.. Simply turn it on, select the general material type from the direct access keypad, ZERO the instrument and go. If you don't need the full feature set of an instrument like the TG110, this would be the instrument to consider. A kit INCLUDES... the TG100D, a 1/4" dia 5MHz OR 1/2" 2.25MHz Transducer (your choice at the time of order). TheTG100D is truly an innovation in simplicity. Select units directly from inches/mm key, then, select steel, aluminum, cast iron or plastic from the direct access keypad and Zero.Range: 0.040 to 9.999"0.001 resolutionUp to 100 hour battery life. on 2 AA (backlight off)Size: 5" X 2.625" X 1.25"Weight only 11oz!!It really doesn't get easier... Call today for more information Full Featured Thickness Gage... INCLUDES... Transducer, Case, 50,000 Point Data Logger, Scrolling B-Scan, Spreadsheet View (GridView), Analog Style Scan Bar, High/Low Alarm, Single & Dual Point Cal And Much More

TG110DL: The TG110DL is truly an innovation in , defining the standard for performance and value in Thickness Gages. It would be difficult, if not impossible to find an ultrasonic wall thickness gage offering the long list of STANDARD features the TG110DL does. For about the price of the competition's current fixed velocity, entry level gage, NDT Systems, Inc. offers a full featured thickness gage. Features include 0.022" - 50.000" (0.56mm - 1270mm) thickness range, AutoZero, AutoHold, up to 200 hour battery life, and Inch/Metric user selectable units. Size: 5" X 2.625" X 1.25" and weighs only 11oz!!

900 Series: Precision Gages Now available in both handheld and bench top versions, from 4 key simple to full featured. Some standard features include High Speed Pulse Rep Rate, 0.0001 Resolution to a minimum of 0.0035 (probe & application dependent) AutoSet, B-Scan and 50,000 Point Logger as well as storage of 30 custom user Setups on 930 Handheld & 950 Bench top, Delta Mode, High & Low Alarms, Thickness/velocity readout, High Speed LED Numeric Display (readable up to 10 feet away) and LCD Menu display on Bench Top, High Contrast LCD Display on Hand Held, English/Metric units, RS-232C on Hand Held as well as RS232and USB digital I/O port on Bench Top, NiMH batteries, scope outputs, ac power module/battery charger.

NovaScope 5000 Precision High Speed Gage: The advanced design of theNovaScope 5000 Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gage covers a variety of ultrasonic thickness gaging applications ranging from those requiringdelicate high resolution to those demanding hefty penetrating power and high sensitivity.The special ultrasonic capabilities of the 5000 lend are used on complex, difficult or ultra-critical applications.Standard features on the NovaScope 5000 include 0.0001" digital resolution from as low as 0.005 to .9999" and .001" digital resolution from 1.0" to 10.0" thickness.The four digit LED is English or Metric selectable.The High Speed CRT displays the A-trace in full RF or rectified RF along with gates.Outputs of the 4500 includes alarms, analog thickness, serial RS-232C, IP sync, thickness amplitude control TAC for noise suppression, includes switch to permit use of single or dual transducers.High-speed binary output is included for use with the Portascan or other color scan imaging systems.Details & Specifications