Pasi (Italia)

Pasi (Italia)

Basic Features: 
Pasi srl After several years of our presence on the geological and geophysical instrumentation market, the name PASI will not be a novelty anymore for the experts in this field. Founded in 1956, our Company arrived now at a level to face with success the European and World geological and geophysical instruments market. Notwithstanding the fact that, even if the technological development increased and changed in the meantime, we always maintained the needle of our compass orientated in the right direction: to work in co-operation with our clients to find the best solution for their technical problems. With this on-line catalogue we will present you various novelties. Keeping the requirements of the international market in mind we added a new series of geophysical equipment to our traditional range of products. We are in fact convinced that, who operates in this field, must be able to extend continuously his work by proposing new research methods, solutions of complete monitoring and reliability, professional service at a high level, without forgetting the principal object: remaining competitive. PASI is the reference point for Geologists, Geophysicists and Environmental Engineers whose first requirement is to continuously spread their application field with new investigation solutions.

Since 1956, PASI has been the professional point of reference for those working on the territory, and has needed to continuously expand its field of action as a result of new methods of investigation and reliable and complete monitoring solutions. For this reason, we now offer a full range of instruments and software for Geophysics, Geology, Environmental and Geotechnical Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Controls. Our experience and expertise are the result of the on-going development of the company, which has origins far back in time and space: the first PASI instruments originated in India in the 1940s, in the great laboratory at the Geophysical Survey in Calcutta, where Applied Geophysics took its first steps thanks to the talent of an Italian, a true pioneer of modern electronics. And it was India that also saw the start of PASI's international vocation, which - cultivated year after year - now enables us to meet the needs of the global market, exporting all over the world - with pride and determination - “Made in Italy” products that set us apart. We have always believed that Italian Creativity and Design can converge into a product with a pleasant image: this principle is reflected in the “look” of our instruments, much appreciated also abroad.


Earth Resistivity Meter

The affordable 16GL is the perfect solution for freshwater investigations using standard VES with 4 electrodes.

Electrical Imaging (ERT)

POLARES: the innovative system in alternate current that reduces up to 10 times the standard acquisition times, avoiding the noise due to the polarization of the electrodes. So fast and powerful, it's the right choice for environmental engineering investigations, for cavity detections, archaeological surveys, etc...

16G-N: electrical imaging system in continuous current with large colour display, with the possibility to be upgraded to the two-in-one system 16SG-N (seismics + electrical imaging)

Exploration Seismograph: PASI seismograph Mod. 16S-U is the ultra-light version of the popular 16S-N Series. You simply have to connect it through USB to an external portable PC; thanks to the software provided with the instrument, you can set acquisition parameters, display the acquisitions and record your seismic data in a glance. The logical steps proposed for setting each kind of profile (refraction, reflection, MASW, microtremors, downhole, etc..) by the sophisticated acquisition software will allow the user to always take the situation under control. All data are then saved on the internal hard disk, ready for a fast transfer to PC via USB for the following data processing. Finally, the integrated “DOWNHOLE” software module, which is fundamental for facilitating this particular kind of acquisition (also refer to PASI Mod. GFA & DHTG borehole geophones description), is an important value added factor for the instrument.

ANTEO is the expression of a new philosophy for a modular exploration seismograph.
The system consists of a single control & display unit (ANTEO CU) that works together one or more special cables (ANTEO AD6-x), each one with no.6x 24 bits A/D converters to be connected to any standard analogue geophone.

This means that your system can grow from 6 to any number of channels with the simple addition of more AD6-x cables, available with different geophone spacing according to your own requirements.
ANTEO CU will be able to manage your system from the first 6 channels to any number of channels you will buy in the future.

The other great advantage of ANTEO is that the signal is digitalized (24 bits) directly at the geophone output, always with the best Signal/Noise ratio, independently by the geophone cable length and by any environmental disturbance.

The digital signal is transmitted to the CU for display of all traces and the following data management. 

ANTEO CU can be positioned at any AD6-x connection along the spreading: it will automatically recognise and count all geophones, performing the geophone tests and assuring you everything is OK before you start the acquisition. The real time noise monitor function will allow you to choose the best moment to shot.


  • Modular system with unlimited number of channels
  • 24 bits A/D conversion at each geophone
  • SVGA Display 8” with LED backlight
  • Linux operating system
  • Geophones test (Impedance, Frequency, Dumping, Electric Noise)
  • Record length 25000 samples (6sec@0.125msec sampling interval)
  • Sampling interval from 0.016 to 62.5 ms (all channels)


Gea3 is a 24-bit real data acquisition seismograph in a waterproof container.
This small, extremely lightweight instrument is equipped with 3 channels+one displayable trigger channel and is the perfect solution for a variety of applications: 

  • DOWN-HOLE seismic measurements with the use of a 3D well geophone (such as PASI Mod.GFA or Mod.DHTG)
  • CROSS-HOLE seismic measurements combined with a 3D well geophone (such as PASI Mod.GFA or Mod.DHTG) and a P/S hole energizer
  • small-scale seismic refraction with surface geophones and 3-channel seismic cable
  • MASW and Vs30 profiles with a special triaxial geophone


Gea3, connected to a computer via USB interface, allows for the acquisition, saving and later data analysis directly from your computer by means of special supplied software.

3D Land Geophone-HVSR-MASW-Holisurface

Gemini-4 represent PASI  answer to the increasing request for HVSR acquisition: a single waterproof case with integrated a low frequency, high performing 3D-geophone is assembled with real 4.5 Hz sensors properly coupled and a powerfull true 24 bit data acquisition board. Through Gemini USB interface and the related data acquisition software your PC will be transformed in a perfect, very high performing  instrument for both data recording and post-processing analysis.